Radio In Colour: 1971 & the day a future author saved a future QLD premier’s life

springboks springboks2Jackie French is Australian Children’s Laureate 2014-2015 and Senior Australian of the Year 2015 along with many other awards. She has written hundreds of books on topics ranging from organic gardening, to wombats, children’s and illustrated books, fantasy and history fiction.

Jackie grew up in Brisbane, where she became part of history herself as a university student caught up in the 1971 anti-apartheid protests that swept Australia in response to the tour of South African football team, the Springboks.

In this interview she tells us about the day she saved future Premier Peter Beattie from police violence.

Jackie talks to 4ZZZ’s Kim Stewart for the Radio In Colour series.

**NB This story contains descriptions of police violence and sexual assault that may upset some listeners** Continue reading


Radio In Colour: Brisbane vs The G20

g20-3In November 2014 Brisbane hosted one of the world’s biggest meetings of world leaders – the G20.

The then LNP governments led by Campbell Newman in Queensland and Tony Abbott at a federal level, resulted in predictable overkill of security measures, crackdown on dissent, and surprisingly, neglect of one of the most important global issues – Climate change. Continue reading

Radio In Colour: How the world saw September 11, 2001

911On September 11, 2001 two planes flew into the World Trade Centre buildings in New York and one into the Pentagon in Washington in the USA, killing almost 3,000 people and injuring 6,000 others.  The Western world was transfixed with the repetitive news coverage of the event, who portrayed the event as an act of war against America.  Today we look at how the events of that day were received in cultures other than our own, and how the world has changed since that day. Continue reading

Segments series hears the voices of people with cognitive difficulties

awardThe Ability Radio Project and 4ZZZ won the Tony Staley Award for Excellence in Community Broadcasting in November 2015.  ARP’s Our co-produced radio series, Voiceability, is the now available for your listening pleasure.

The members of our radio group have chosen the series title, conducted a lot of the interviewing, and chosen some of the music.  As a group we have learnt interviewing skills, composed interview questions, recorded voice-overs and brainstormed ideas for these shows. We’ve also had a lot of hands-on and in the field fun with excursions to 4ZZZ102.1 and the ABC studios, met a lot of new people from the radio and disability support community, and even made our own t-shirts!

The 10 part Segments series (8 minutes each) is downloadable from our Soundcloud account at: Continue reading

Radio In Colour: Tree clearing in QLD

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

In the 1990s Queensland had the highest rate of land clearing in the world, greater even than the Amazon.  The Vegetation Management Act 1999 was brought in to manage the problem, but successive governments have allowed it to be weakened and it is reemerging as a problem.  Today there is a lot less vegetation left than there was in 1999, but the rates of clearing are nearing those disasterous levels experienced two decades ago.

Kim talks to Nicky Hungerford, Coordinator of the Queensland Conservation Council, who has a long history of campaigning on this issue. Continue reading