Radio In Colour: Brisbane vs The G20

g20-3In November 2014 Brisbane hosted one of the world’s biggest meetings of world leaders – the G20.

The then LNP governments led by Campbell Newman in Queensland and Tony Abbott at a federal level, resulted in predictable overkill of security measures, crackdown on dissent, and surprisingly, neglect of one of the most important global issues – Climate change.


  • Interview with BrisCan-G20 organiser and former 4ZZZ Eco Radio host Robin Taubenfeld
  • Jonathon Sri, from Rivermouth, talksa bout why his band didn’t take up an offer to play at the G20 Cultural events
  • 4ZZZ’s The Anarchy Show host Linda Rose reads a piece she wrote in the wake of 4ZZZ and anarchists copping some bad press from the Courier Mail

Producers – Kim Stewart, Oula Shihan

4ZZZ Contributions – Louise Evans, Steven Riggall, Linda Rose, Andy Paine, Robin Taubenfeld, Boe Spearim

Music – Brisbane Complaints Choir, Rivermouth, Thundamentals

11 mins

Radio In Colour: 40 Years of 4ZZZ is a series that looks at events here and abroad in the life of your favourite radio station, 4ZZZ.  Over 15 trainees from CALD communities contributed to this project.  Partners included the Multicultural Development Association, The Edge at the State Library of QLD and 4EBfm.

PART 1 of 2

Listen to Pt2


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