Segments series hears the voices of people with cognitive difficulties

awardThe Ability Radio Project and 4ZZZ won the Tony Staley Award for Excellence in Community Broadcasting in November 2015.  ARP’s Our co-produced radio series, Voiceability, is the now available for your listening pleasure.

The members of our radio group have chosen the series title, conducted a lot of the interviewing, and chosen some of the music.  As a group we have learnt interviewing skills, composed interview questions, recorded voice-overs and brainstormed ideas for these shows. We’ve also had a lot of hands-on and in the field fun with excursions to 4ZZZ102.1 and the ABC studios, met a lot of new people from the radio and disability support community, and even made our own t-shirts!

The 10 part Segments series (8 minutes each) is downloadable from our Soundcloud account at:

We would like to thank the Community Broadcasting Association of Australcbaa-logoia – Segments Series – for allowing us to tell our stories to a national audience.

I hope you enjoy our efforts, the ARP radio group were simply awesome to work with.  We look forward to our second semester group starting in late August.

Follow our blog for updates:

Voiceability – Synopsis

Episode and Synopsis Voices
1. Getting around: Moving about the world as a person with a disability is fraught with difficulties.  In this first episode we talk about some of our lived experiences of people with a physical disability. Music: PKN, Atmosphere. Alicia, Jayden, James, Ben & Kim
2. Work: A form of socially valued activity that many people with ID miss out on, work is also a valuable place to meet people and make friends. Music: PKN, They Might Be Giants. James, Felice, Jesse, Ben & Kim
3. Education:  Our group talks about the good and bad of their educational experiences. Music: PKN, Alice Cooper.*Trigger warning* This episode has content that may upset people who have experienced trauma James, Felice, Michael, Jayden, Ben & Kim
4. Family: Love them or hate them, we can’t choose them.  We talk about family. Music: PKN, Jack Johnson. Jesse, James, Jayden, Ben & Kim
5. Independent Living:  One of the challenges for people with ID is achieving independence. Music: PKN, Tralala Blip. Felice, James, Jesse, Jayden, Ben & Kim
6. Animals:  Some of our best and most memorable friends are our pets and animals we admire. Music: PKN, Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed. Glenn, Leona, Bernadette (ABC), Alex (4EB)Ben & Kim
7.  Mental health and disability: People with ID often suffer from depression and other mental health problems.  Our group recognise the importance of seeking help. Music: PKN, Vitamin String Quartet.*Trigger warning* This episode has content that may upset people who have experienced trauma Jayden, James, Jesse, Ben & Kim
8. Community: What does it mean to be part of a community?  What is the experience of inclusion for people with an ID?  What is real social inclusion?  Music: PKN, The Tragically Hip. Felice, James, Morrie, Ben & Kim
9. Seeking support:  No one is an island.  Living with an intellectual disability often means our island is populated with support workers, carers or guardians. Music: PKN, The Kinks. Ben & Kim
10. Being and disability: Is it only a word?  How does it define, or not? Music: PKN, David Bowie. James, Felice, Jayden, Ben & Kim



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